17 Things Only People Who Have Sailed Croatia Will Understand

What happens in Croatia, stays in Croatia 😎

It’s safe to say that over the last few years, sailing Croatia has become one of the most popular styles of tours to tick off your bucket-list. And with a quick look on Instagram it’s not had to see why 😍

If you’re lucky enough to have sailed Croatia before, then you’ll be sure to remember some of these amazing locations and experiences.

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  1. 1 Hvar is just ridiculously beautiful

  2. 2 But then again, so is Dubrovnik

  3. 3 This is how your day starts

  4. 4 And this is how it ends

  5. 5 Cocktails taste better in a castle

  6. 6 And also a bar built into a cliff-side

  7. 7 It's sooooo hot in peak summer

  8. 8 But when there's a spa, you just can't resist

  9. 9 There's an actual cave you can party in

  10. 10 And National Parks to chill in & explore

  11. 11 The parties are EPIC

  12. 12 But you can still find a secluded piece of paradise

  13. 13 There's some hidden gems inland

  14. 14 Like an island on a lake inside another island

  15. 15 It beats drinking in your pool at home

  16. 16 And it's still cool to dress up as a pirate

  17. 17 But once is never enough...